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The Key Categories Of Keywords

Buyer Intent Keywords are the type of words that helps you to distinguish between a buyer and someone who is just looking for information on a certain subject or a product.

Keywords are basically divided into two categories and we are going to go deep into each one of them. There are Commercial/Buyer-Intent and Informational keywords. These two categories play a huge part in your SEO and should be considered depending on the kind of results you are looking for.

Commercial Or Buyer-Intent Keywords

Buyer Intent Keywords are the type of words that helps you to distinguish between a buyer and someone who is just looking for information on a certain subject or a product.

These type of keywords as the name suggests are those keywords someone would type into a search engine when looking to buy something. Usually these type of keywords are associated with carts.

You would easily notice that when such a keyword is typed into for example Google Search Engine, the results that would number 1 rank would be products or online stores, Google Merchant products and the like.

Keyword research

Well, this is so because Search Engines understand buyer-intent keywords. They understand them so much so that as soon as you type such words into the engine, the engine would know what it is that you are looking for even before you finish typing a word hence those predictive texts emanating from billions and billions of dollars and knowledge that is invested in artificial intelligence for years and it keeps getting better and better by the day.

It’s technology guys, lot of hard-work that goes into this only to make an average Joe lazier but more productive at the same time… Confusing right? Well I drifted a bit from the subject but I know you know what I am trying to get at…so, confusing or not? Maybe not but what I am saying is, this technology is making things much easier for us and with that, we become more productive.

Keywords are at the heart of SEO and it is very crucial to categorize your keywords and look into them closely so that you may know what they rank for exactly. Keywords set the parameter of whether your content will rank higher or not.

You might be asking yourself, why should I want to know what a specific keyword ranks for? Why is that even important? Well , let me expagorate this for you.

You see, to fully understand this, you will have to know why a specific word would rank number 1 on search results.

(A) Keyword plan for a specific word

So you can see that the keyword you wish to rank for will be affected by a lot of factors hence a keyword research is a crucial aspect of SEO optimization.

It is very hard to rank in the search results if you do not have relevant content for a specific keyword. Here is how you will know if you have relevant content. Take for example that your keyword is “how to” and you wish to rank number 1 in the search results.

What you will have to do first is research this keyword and see what kind of content is ranking number 1. To do this, you can simply type ” how to” into the search engine and see what kind of content will come up in the first page of the search results.

This is the simplest way of doing this or you can use some other SEO tools such as or LSI to help you dive deep into the technicalities that you will have to implement and to also see how your competitors did it.

So for this keyword “how to” its videos or blog posts that show up in the first page of the search results, which means that for you to rank number 1 for this keyword, you will likely have to have content of this kind for you to rank at the top for this keyword.

From this, you can actually see how critical it is to have relevant content for a specific keyword. Of course there are a lot more other factors that affect your ranking but content is the foundation of it all.

You will notice that it is very hard to rank high for a commercial keyword in a niche that is dominated by informational keywords. Take for instance, you want rank high for a keyword, let’s say “Mr Muscle”, what is going to be at the top of the search results is a product that is for sell, now if you have a blog post about Mr Muscle, that is now informational, and your blog post wouldn’t get so much organic traffic unless if it is about Mr Muscle the product and related to the use of the product but the result that will number 1 rank will be the product not the blog post.

B) What Are Informational Keywords?

Informational keywords are those keywords that are informative or those words that ask for information. Take for example this question. What is your name? In response to my question, you are going to tell me what your name is. Search Engines work in a similar manner when it comes to information keywords.

If you type “Central African Standard Time or What is Central African Standard Time?” The results from this query will be the same and you will notice that, at the very top of the search results, Google will give you the exact answer to this specific query or you may notice that, in the first page of the search results, there will only be articles (blog posts).

Therefore, it will be very difficult to rank high for this keyword if you were selling a product. Despite all the down sides related to ranking using informational or commercial keywords, search engines brought a solution to this buy introducing merchants a section just below the search bar, written products.

What this merchant does is that, when you type in a keyword or key-phrase in the search bar, if there are products that are related to the the keywords, the products will show up in the merchant (products page).

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